Welcome to Pasco Counseling & Visitation Center

Pasco Counseling & Visitation Center exists to meet two fundamental needs within our community. To provide struggling individuals, couples, parents, and adolescents with solid consistent counseling that will provide them with the tools needed for continued success personally and within their relationships. The Supervised Visitation Center provides a safe, affordable environment for the transitional family.

We are here to:

  • Educate and promote healthy, functional family units through hands-on training.
  • Create safe environments for open communication by using tools, teaching materials, positive interaction, and support.
  • Promote self-esteem, self-awareness, and a positive identity
  • Provide the guidance and tools for forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • Assist adults, teenagers, and children that are seeking to find long-term solutions for struggles such as substance abuse, neglect, abandonment, domestic violence, abuse, divorce, anger, grief, loss, relationships, and so much more…

What We Offer

  • Virtual Visitation

    Pasco Counseling & Visitation also provides court ordered visits online though secure Hippa Compliant secured video conferencing.

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  • Financial Counseling

    Making bad financial decisions can place unnecessary stress upon our lives even tear a marriage apart. The Bible tells us so much about how…

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  • Online Counseling

    All sessions are available online! Online therapy is similar to in-person therapy in that you will meet one-on-one with your therapist in a private…

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  • Counseling Services

    Mental Health Counseling is a courageous choice for seeking healing, growth, and change. Through counseling sessions, we assist people of all ages in living…

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  • Premarital Counseling

    Premarital counseling is a 10-week sessions that concentrate on preparing an engaged couple for the next step in their relationship. These pre marriage counseling…

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  • Marriage Counseling

    Although challenging at times, marriages do not have to be difficult. Marriage or couples counseling can help you rediscover the love that initially brought…

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  • Substance Abuse Counseling

    Substance abuse affects not just the individual, but their family, friends, and coworkers too. In substance abuse counseling, we work with individuals in discovering…

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  • Anger Management Class

    It is vital for an individual to seek help and guidance on how to effectively manage and control anger. Uncontrolled anger can damage and…

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  • Batterer’s Intervention Program (B.I.P.)

    Batterer’s Intervention Program (B.I.P.) is a 26-week mandatory court-ordered program. It is a counseling program established for people who physically, emotionally, and sexually abuse…

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  • Parenting Classes

    As the expression goes, “Parenting does not come with a handbook.” Parenting Class will provide the tools and teach you the knowledge to raise…

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  • Group Therapy

    Group Therapy provides a powerful motivator for growth and change. It is a special form of therapy in which a small number of people…

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  • Supervised Visitation

    This is a friendly atmosphere for families who are in need of supervised visits with their children. The center provides games and crafts to…

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  • Supervised Exchange

    The Supervised Exchange Program monitors a child’s movement immediately both before and after the unsupervised visitation between the child’s custodial parent and noncustodial parent….

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