About Us

Pasco Counseling & Visitation is a Christian based Counseling Center that also offers services for court-ordered Supervised Visitation. PC&V is dedicated to providing parents, adolescents, and children with solid, affordable Christian Counseling, Pastoral Counseling, Biblical Counseling, and visitation within a safe, encouraging environment. We strive to give the best advice to help enrich and equip individuals within our community, so they can live their best life.


Our counselors, staff, and volunteers have unique perspectives on the specific needs within this community, allowing to be specific with clients and partners to guide toward the best outcome for all parties involved. Our first priority is to seek the utmost in safety and security for our vulnerable adults, children, and infants who need our support. Each member of our team agrees to adhere to the strict policies and procedures, while also operating on the truths of hospitality that believes a caring, sympathetic ear generates more change.

Community Partnerships

We work with our current community partners to help ensure continued positive change inside our region. In order to continue developing a better future for our district, we are dedicated to proactively seeking new community partnerships in cross-organizational training, seminars, events, and conferences. Pasco County & Visitation is dedicated to maintaining and creating new mutually-beneficial partnerships that align with our overall vision in both our region and statewide.

Some of our current community partners include:

  • New Port Richey Police Dept.
  • Pasco Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Pasco ASAP
  • FSU Supervised Visitation Clearinghouse
  • Sunrise of Pasco (Domestic & Sexual Violence Center)

Non-Profit Organization

Pasco County & Visitation holds itself to the highest standards for best accounting practices and follows all non-profit guidelines. Our goal is to accommodate families first and to be good stewards of any financial compensation received for our services.

Our Team