It is vital for an individual to seek help and guidance on how to effectively manage and control anger. Uncontrolled anger can damage and destroy relationships and lives. Our Anger Management workshops provide help to individuals to assist them in understanding, identifying, addressing, and working through the triggers that provoke explosive episodes. Topics covered in the workshop include how to handle difficult people and situations, minimize reactivity and maximize effective response, deal with conflicts better, and manage anger by using effective techniques. This is a 12-week anger management therapy program and is both state and court approved.

Teen Angermanagement 

Dealing with an angry teenager is not easy. Anger is a normal and sometimes a necessary emotion. It is when it interferes with school, family, and social life that it becomes a problem. Teens in today’s world have people watching them closer and more in-depth then ever, they have such pressure to fit in and do things right the first time. This is impossible not to get frustrated and angry, even become anxious and depressed at times.

It is important to keep in mind as well, that the psychological and emotional turmoil of the teen years is fueled by puberty (hormones) that create intense roller coaster emotions and cause teenagers to have an extremely short fuse.

Today we see so many angry teens and this is why we have to come up with strategies to help us help them. Most of us have heard of Anger Management classes, well now there are Anger Management Classes for Teenagers. This is to teach them tools that they can use to defuse the anger and deal with it in a healthy manner.

This is where we can offer them tools in life to help develop a healthy balance. So when things become intense they know how to handle it in a healthy balanced manner.

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