Art Therapy

Art therapy provides patients with the opportunity to address issues or express themselves in ways that transcend spoken or written language. Significant emotional experiences such as addiction recovery and trauma recovery are likely to prompt feelings or memories that cannot easily be put into words. Art therapy resolves this by providing a unique means of expression.

Also, the act of creating visual images is a right-brain activity. The right brain is the part of the brain where visual memories are stored, as well as the area of the brain that is relied upon the most prior to the development of a person’s ability to use spoken language.

Art Therapy is not the traditional therapy environment and allows the patient to express what they are dealing with in a whole new way. Allowing them to address issues that he/she are to guarded to talk about in a traditional environment.

Art therapy can be beneficial in a wide range of cases, including addiction recovery, trauma recovery, grief/loss treatment, compulsive gambling recovery, and treatment for mental and emotional needs.

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